FedEx Shipping Integration with WooCommerce

FedEx Shipping Integration with WooCommerce allows shoppers to check Cash on Delivery availability with zip code and generates PDF containing all product & buyer related information for order processing.

  • Generates a PDF containing all details

  • All details In the PDF generated are in the form of a barcode
  • AWB number generation
  • AWB number generation is returned

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E-commerce is consistently scaling new peaks of popularity in many parts of the world. It is because the e-commerce industry is becoming a heavily reliable medium of shopping among consumers. This revolution is globally initiating the expansion of the e-commerce industry’s reach up to the reach of middle-class income or lower income customers. The role of

WooCommerce FedEx plugin

cannot be underestimated in this process.

What exactly is this plugin?

This must the question lingering in your mind. Well, in simple words,

WooCommerce FedEx plugin

is an effective medium to help customers checkout easily and faster. Thanks to the rise or advent of COD/POD (Cash on Delivery/Pay on Delivery) as a payment method to help customers check out.

Let’s now be familiar with the personality of this plugin to know its functionality.

The reach of e-commerce industry is no longer limited to developed urban areas only. Like said earlier, the e-commerce industry in all parts of the world is now expanding its reach even help middle-class income and lower income people in rural areas as well. More than 60% of e-commerce transactions are nowadays carried out in the form of Cash on Delivery. This is where the

WooCommerce FedEx plugin

proves to be the key you need to unlock the growth lock for your e-commerce business.

In simple words, it online retailers make shopping a positive experience for their customers. Their customers can check out faster and easily by using COD/POD (Cash on Delivery/Pay on Delivery) option as a mode of payment. Moreover, if something goes wrong with the product ordered or order placed, customers do not have to bother about the safety of their money. It remains safe in their pocket.

WooCommerce FedEx integration

plugin allows your customers to enter the zip code/area code of their region and check the availability of Cash on Delivery option in their area. It performs a number of more tasks as well. You are advised to read about its features below to know about these tasks.

Important Note:

Only the FedEx team decides about the availability of the COD payment method in any region. The team makes COD available in any region on the basis of the following factors:

  • Delivery location
  • Product price

Features of WooCommerce FedEx integration plugin in detail:

Fill the details of Fedex

After activation of fedex plugin you have to fill out the details of fedex shipment which includes License key, account number, meter no., password, address details, Tin no., logo for PDF, Dimensions.

AWB number generation:

It is a plugin for seeking the best WooCommerce shipping options because of its capability to generate an AWB number for every order placed. It allows your customers to track their product ordered through the official website of FedEx. It makes it easier to generate single or even multiple AWB numbers.

PDF generation:

Yes! You are reading absolutely right! It generates a PDF file immediately after your customer successfully places an order on your e-commerce store. This PDF file contains all sorts of vital information related to customer, company, the product ordered and order placed, etc. All this information is available in a barcode given in the PDF file it generates.

Manifest generation:

It has everything to stand out in the crowd and be the best WooCommerce shipping options online store owners need for generating a manifest number using filters at the backend.

AWB number generation is returned

It falls in the category of the best WordPress FedEx plugins. In case the customer returns the order, it is capable of generating a return AWB number needed.

For each order placed on WooCommerce store, this plugin generates a PDF that contains all details like product ID, customer & company details, etc. in the form of a barcode.

At last, the list of features available in this plugin is not limited to the features mentioned here. Meaning, it has a number of more exciting features capable of adding that much needed new value to your online business.

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