Woocommerce Blue Dart Shipping Integration Plugin

Shipping services of the highest quality and COD (Cash on Delivery) are nowadays acting as the most essential pillars e-commerce businesses need to survive and grow. This is exactly where Blue Dart shipping integration with WooCommerce proves to be the master key e-commerce businesses need to unlock growth.

What makes it stand out in the crowd is its capability to perform the following challenges that many e-commerce stores face these days:

    • COD check on the basis of Zip Code/area code.
    • PDF file generation having all details related to the order placed.
    • All details of the product in the form of a barcode.
    • Option needed to help customers track the order placed.
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Blue Dart shipping integration with WooCommerce plugin has offers the functionality you need to display the availability of COD (Cash on Delivery) in a particular region. It also offers competent functionality required to display the total price of products customers select to purchase. In addition to this, Blue Dart shipping integration with WooCommerce is capable of generating a PDF file and e-mailing it to the sales department after the customer successfully places a new order. Customers’ satisfaction is the most essential ingredient of the strategy devised for business growth even in the e-commerce industry. This is exactly what all e-commerce players feed their business on. They give a shot to a number of things to satisfy their customers.

Allowing customers to check the availability of COD/POD (Cash on Delivery/Pay on Delivery) in their preferred location of delivery. Giving them the luxury of checking the total price of products of their choosing is also one of those essential ingredients of a strategy devised to grow the online business to the next level. This is the challenge this Blue Dart plugin deals effectively with. This is a huge reason why many popular e-commerce players trust Blue Dart as the most reliable shipping partner. We have also developed an extremely robust Blue Dart plugin compatible with WooCommerce to help e-commerce stores allow their customers enter zip code/area code and check the availability of COD/POD (Cash on Delivery/Pay on Delivery) in their region.

Easy to Check Cash on Delivery Availability

More than 60% of shoppers in the world prefer to pay after receiving the product ordered. This is exactly where ecom WordPress plugin proves to be the help online retailers need for integrating cash on delivery functionality with their website for frontend users.

Enter the Zip code in shipping address on checkout page. COD option if activated for payment from admin section then COD will be enabled or disabled depending upon shipping pincode.

If pincode enter is valid shipping pincode, cash on delivery option is enabled when ship is valid. Now you can select cash on delivery and can place the order

Fill the details of Blue Dart

After activation of blue dart plugin you have to fill out the details of Bluedart which includes License key, Login ID, password, address details, Tin no., logo for PDF, Dimensions.

AWB number generation:

It easily generates Air Waybill number and sends the consignment to the Blue Dart for hassle-free and timely delivery of the product ordered to the buyer. This is not the complete list of its features. It can actually do a lot more than what you have read hereabout. You need to call us and see the value it can add to your online business.

PDF file generation:

This WooCommerce Blue Dart shipping plugin is capable of producing a PDF file immediately after a new order is placed by the customer on your online store. This PDF file contains all sorts of vital information related to the order placed, product purchased, company, customer and the location of delivery.

All details of the product in the form of a barcode:

This is one its specialties. The PDF file generated by this plugin contains a barcode. This barcode contains all the details related to the order placed, customer, company, product purchased and the delivery location safely. Thanks to this WooCommerce Blue Dart Shipping Plugin.

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