Bluedart Shipping Extension Magento 1

Online businesses mostly focus on delivering the products of the highest possible quality at very less price to their customers. It is mainly because such things help their growth wheel spin forward through a positive online shopping experience. But online businesses climb success ladder mainly because of the quality of shipping services provided to customers. This is the pain point of your customers that you can touch through blue dart shipping integration Magento 1 extension.

This shipping extension dedicated to the integration with Magento 1 e-commerce stores helps to achieve a number of vital business tasks. For example:

  • COD check on the basis of zip/area code for customers in their region.
  • Generates PDF containing all sorts of order details.
  • Generates all sorts of product details in the form of a bar code.
  • Generates Air Waybill (AWB) number.
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Online shopping is making people’s life easier in many ways. They do not have to spare time specifically from their busy schedule and visit the market for purchasing things that cater to their day-to-day needs. At the same time, consistently increasing count of online shopping frauds is giving financial jitters to digital shoppers in all parts of the world. This is why most of the online shoppers expect e-commerce stores to provide the option of COD payment method to them.

They prefer the availability of COD payment options on e-commerce stores because of a number of reasons.

For example:

  • Like said earlier, fast increasing the count of online shopping frauds.
  • If something goes wrong with the product ordered during the transit phase, their money is safe in their pocket.
  • They do not have to chase your customer care team to get their money back.

So you will need a robust solution specifically designed to cater to meet these online shopping needs of your customers and give the experience of the highest quality possible. This solution is known as Blue Dart Shipping Extension Magento 1.

This extension has been designed to give your customers a sense of financial security while shopping on your e-commerce store. It also has a number of features that make your life easier and help you spin your e-commerce business forward on growth-wheel in many ways.

COD check on the basis of ZIP/Area code

Blue Dart Shipping Extension Magento 1 allows your customers to check the availability of cash on delivery payment method to encourage them to shop on your e-commerce store. They just have to enter the zip/area code of their region to know about the availability or unavailability of COD in their region.

Remember, the option COD payment method is available for certain areas only. It is not provided in every area/city, etc. Only Blue Dart reserves the right of providing or not providing the option cash on delivery payment method in any region. Meaning, Blue Dart decides the areas where COD payment method is to be provided. Therefore, you are advised to enter the zip/area code of your region and see if it falls under the belt that provided the luxury of COD or not. Moreover, all items available for purchase cannot be eligible for COD. Only certain items that fall under a certain price range could be eligible for COD.

Generates AWB number:

This document of title to the goods ordered is receipt issued by the courier service provider. This is also generated by this plugin for Magento 1. The list of Blue Dart Shipping Extension for Magento 1’s capabilities to take your business to the next level of success is not limited to ones’ you have read about here only. It can do a number of more tasks that you cannot even think about. Therefore, you are advised to get in touch with us to know about the value it can add to your online business.

PDF file generation with all order details

This is another key task performed by this extension for Magento 1. It has functions required to generate a PDF file that contains all the details related to the product, product ordered, region of delivery, customer and much more.

Product details in the form of barcode

Barcode generation is another important task performed by Blue Dart Shipping Extension for Magento 1. We have loaded it with functions required to generate a barcode that contains all sorts of vital information related to many things.

For example:

  • Order placed
  • Product ordered
  • Delivery related details and instructions
  • Product ID
  • Customer
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