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Bluedart Shipping Extension Magento 1

Bluedart Shipping Extension Magento 1

Allow website visitors to check “Cash on Delivery” availability in product delivery location by simply providing Zip code (Pin code) at product detail page with Blue Dart Shipping Integration For Magento1. Depending on the Zip code, this extension will automatically display the availability of the COD in a particular location and also generate a PDF with product & buyer details in the form of a barcode. The availability of COD is determined by two factors – product price & delivery location. Store admin can generate AWB number for order tracking. Zipcode-based COD check Allow shoppers to check Cash on Delivery by providing Zip code of delivery location Generate PDF with order details For each order placed, a PDF is generated with order related information. Order Details as Barcode Order details like product ID, user details, and delivery location available as barcode. Generate AWB number Admin can generate AWB number to allow shoppers to track order using Bluedart website.
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