Ways to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Visitors Engaged

Ways to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Visitors Engaged

Write Content for Page Scanning

You may think that content is less important in the eCommerce industry. Indeed people visit your website to buy a product, but content is the only way they can know everything about the particular product. The importance of well-written content does a long way, and it also effects the overall

experience for site visitors.


Wondering what’s a good piece of content? It’s what you often don’t even notice. Online shoppers don’t visit your website to read long articles. So, make sure the product description is written in a way that visitors can move over the page in a few seconds.

The Bottom Line

The first time visitors on your website feel exactly the same as they are visiting an unknown traditional storefront. They look around the products, size up the place, and then reach their conclusion - whether or not to purchase.


If you want them to buy from your eCommerce website, you need to do everything you can to make your website look engaging, attractive and trustworthy. Look around for the best Magento extensions, identify the functionalities you can improve and use relevant images for products.


Ways to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Visitors Engaged


The world of online shopping is growing at a rapid pace and the growth has even set for itself high standards of competition. You may have a great number of visitors every day, but are you sure the same visitors are coming again for more? If not, then it’s a matter of concern as the returning visitors are more valuable for online shopping businesses.


It’s more important for the online shopping websites to make relevant changes to make the website look engaging and attractive with useful functionalities using Magento extensions to get things right across the board and make users purchase as they step through the virtual door.


Let’s explore the best ways to engage new and returning visitors on your website:


Use Good & Impressive Images

It’s a fact, the first thing visitors will notice about your products is the image. The power of good and impressive images should not be understated. Clear images with proper product information can immediately draw in people’s attention no matter what the purpose of website is.


Very often, the eCommerce websites neglect product images and put their whole efforts in providing minute details about the product itself. Of course, product description is important, but the good images can do wonders for business growth and improved conversion rate. Using white background and ability to zoom in is a winning and proven formula.


Make the Website Secure

People these days are smart enough to maintain a distance from the fraudulent. They are always looking for the additional “S” in their browser address bars. A website address with and additional “S” is more preferred. For example, people are more likely to buy with a website starting with “https” rather than “http.” This can be achieved using the secure sockets layer (SSL).


Additionally, it is smart to use the secure payment gateways that people trust upon. Research about your target market and identify the most used payment gateways by people in the particular market. Display additional security seals, if any.


Include an Intuitive Site Search Feature

Nearly 40% online buyers prefer to save time with website search functionality to search for products they want to purchase. Not only does an intuitive site search feature helps improve shopping experience, but also those use this are more likely to buy. Experts claim that the visitors searching for a particular product are likely to buy the product. Your search system should:


  • Neither produce too few entries or too many.


  • Have autocomplete search function.


  • Produce results relevant to the search query.


Magento is a great platform with an improved search functionality, but utilizing additional premium Magento extensions can be an added benefit.


Launch a Reward Program

The best way to gain more visitors is to introduce the point-based loyalty scheme or reward program. When launching a reward program, it is important to keep in mind that the point system should be aimed at attracting the customers to stay connected. Keep it simple and easy to understand so your visitors are not confused.


Be sure to describe the rules of reward points and how to use them. Allowing visitors to use the reward points for future purchases is a great choice. If possible, let the visitors share their reward points with their friends. Using a Magento extension can be a great way to integrate the reward point functionality without undergoing massive development process.