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  1. Ways to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Visitors Engaged

    Ways to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Visitors Engaged

    Write Content for Page Scanning

    You may think that content is less important in the eCommerce industry. Indeed people visit your website to buy a product, but content is the only way they can know everything about the particular product. The importance of well-written content does a long way, and it also effects the overall

    experience for site visitors.


    Wondering what’s a good piece of content? It’s what you often don’t even notice. Online shoppers don’t visit your website to read long articles. So, make sure the product description is written in a way that visitors can move over the page in a few seconds.

    The Bottom Line

    The first time visitors on your website feel exactly the same as they are visiting an unknown traditional storefront. They look around the products, size up the place, and then reach their conclusion - whether or not to purchase.


    If you want them to buy from your eCommerce website, you need to do everything you can to make your website look engaging, attractive and trustworthy. Look around for the best Magento extensions, identify the functionalities you can improve and use relevant images for products.



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